On alcohol and inclusivity

(Ahmad Alhashemi) #1

I hesitated a lot before writing this. I’m a long time user and big proponent of brew and the last thing I want is to inconvenience the people making it possible. This has little technical merit but I feel backed by the excellent Code of Conduct to bring this up.

Brew has a strong alcohol theme. One could pretend that brew here refers to coffee or tea, but the theme runs somewhat deep. There are taps, cellars, kegs, and beer emoji all over the place. While this hasn’t affected my personal ability to benefit greatly from the project, I wonder if this celebration of alcohol culture can be off-putting to people with certain religious backgrounds, those who struggled with alcohol addiction, or parents of under-age children who may be using brew.

I’m not suggesting major breaking changes. Removing the overt alcohol themes from the CLI would go a long way, or at least make them optional.

Thank you for this wonderful project.

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Thanks for the kind words!

You can change the beer icon that’s displayed with either HOMEBREW_NO_EMOJI or HOMEBREW_INSTALL_BADGE. I’m afraid anything beyond that where Homebrew renames concepts that are alcohol themed is very unlikely to happen.

For what it’s worth I am a parent of an underage child and also have a non-traditional relationship with alcohol due to my religious views.

Hope some of that helps.