Octave-4.2.1_3 update introduces problems - help needed to reinstall v 4.2.1_1 temporarily

(Steve Ng2013) #1


I had Octave version 4.2.1_1 installed and until this evening found no major issues with it until I upgraded it to version 4.2.1_3. Now the Menu does not work (clicking on any item does not do anything) and the only way to exit the app is to use Cmd-Option-Esc to kill it.

Unfortunately, I performed a cleanup and now cannot revert to version 4.2.1_1. I also cannot find the older version in the repository - perhaps I don’t know where to look.

I am running on an iMac with Sierra 10.12.5 installed.

While someone is looking into this problem, I would appreciate it if I can obtain instructions on how to reinstall version 4.2.1_1 so that I can continue working with the package.



(Mike McQuaid) #2

We don’t support installing older versions. I suggest filing a bug report to the Octave project and if they can point to a patch Homebrew can apply making a PR to add that.