No verbose output?

I run brew with install, reinstall, and upgrade aliased with the --build-from-source and the --verbose flags.

I also have the following environment variables set:


Despite all of this, it seems as if homebrew has recently stopped showing me the verbose output of a source build. It will just show that it is on the configure or make steps of a build, but I don’t see the compile flowing by.

Has there been a change to this?

Huh. Are people used to not seeing the details of the build? Like, only seeing something like:

== ./configure . . .
== make all

I’m a programmer, and I find it really, really useful to see what build flags are being used, or to be able to tell when it’s linking. I’m sure that’s not to everyone’s taste, but why was the “super verbose” view of a source build suddenly taken away? Or did I just set something wrong?

I don’t know what’re you talking about, with HOMEBREW_VERBOSE=1 it’s still as much verbose as ever.

Thanks! I thought I was going nuts. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen the bug report (I looked, but I must have had the wrong keywords). I’ll watch that thread and see if there’s anything I can add to the picture.

Solved (issue issue 7008 via issue 7024). Many thanks to the dev team (esp. GauthamGoli). All my geeky compiler messages are back!