New formula qlik-corectl


I am currently working on and I am wondering if there is any chance of this tool being published as qlik-corectl to either homebrew-core or homebrew-cask or is it too niche?

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Following your discussion here it does seem to be too niche.

But that should not stop you from making a tap.

In your tap, you’ll be able to install the compiled program directly and not build it from source if you’re already doing that (it seems to be the case as I can download the releases directly).

The GCC ARM mbed formula could be a good example of that:

Thanks for the reply!
Alright, so you are suggesting the tap way. It is something I pitched to my team as well as we get a distribution channel for other niche stuff we might build and no “no-binary” restrictions.
(Although I’ve already made a source-formula for this project.)

I’ll stick around and see if there are other opinions in the matter as well.