Mysql 8.0.11 bug crosslink

(Sarah Schieffer Riehl) #1

I’m pretty sure there’s a bug to do with user auth hashing plugins on mysql 8.0.11 when logging in with a GUI or local WordPress that gives the error

Authentication plugin 'caching_sha2_password' cannot be loaded: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/plugin/, 2): image not found.

I reported it at & am x-posting it here for those looking here for that.

It appears to be in the brew as well as in Oracle’s .tar.gz.

(Abdel Karim Mateos) #2

Well, on point to use in my.cnf

But I tested this on several places of my.cnf and not work

# overwrite plugin error

Also I see taht plugin is not in /usr/local/opt/mysql/lib/plugin

After reinstall MySQL form Oracle, I see solution.