MPICH formula's Fortran phase out

(Kyle Gerard Felker) #1

Hi! Long time Hombrew user, first time poster.

I was wondering why the MPICH formula was changed in the last few months to eliminate the ability to install it without Fortran (--disable-fortran or --enable-fortran=no in MPICH’s configure script). Specifically, 86cdbbc853d23138cdabf1ce50a5500941b062c7 on 2018-01-13 removes

deprecated_option "disable-fortran" => "without-fortran"

and adds

depends_on "gcc" # for gfortran

I was getting libgfortran.a not found errors in my Travis CI build scripts that relied on Homebrew for building MPICH for a C++ application; I think I have fixed the errors by updating Homebrew and rebuilding everything. However, I would like to understand what may have happened here and why the options changed.

I have seen from @fxcoudert 's comments in and that OpenMPI became the reference implementation for Homebrew formulas with MPI dependencies around that time.

Thanks for all you maintainers do!

(FX) #2

We moved from Fortran being “recommended” (i.e. on by default) to making it mandatory. This is part of a somewhat larger move to reduce the number of options, so that as many users as possible can get prebuilt binaries, rather than build from source.