Move to Gitlab/Gitlab CI

(Martin Delille) #1

What about moving to Gitlab? At least a mirror?

Two main reasons:

(Sean Molenaar) #2

I agree that the current Jenkins setup has it’s flaws, and I like Gitlab CI. I just don’t see how moving away from a platform that Homebrew has a very good relationship with is justified because some company bought it.

(Mike McQuaid) #3

Not going to happen.

If you wish to set one up and maintain it: that’s up to you. It wouldn’t be very useful given that Homebrew will keep checking out the main repo and taps from GitHub and you’ll need to use GitHub to submit pull requests.

Microsoft is going to be running GitHub as an independent company. I’m not sure what Microsoft buying GitHub has to do with what platform Homebrew should use.

You can use GitLab CI with GitHub anyway, I believe. If you’re willing to set up GitLab CI for us then we’d welcome the help. It will be a large amount of work to do so so I’m not personally willing to get involved.

(Martin Delille) #4

Concerning the mirror, I’ve found some interesting resources here:

Concerning gitlab CI, in order to evaluate the work to do, I’d like to know what Jenkins do (the .travis.yml/.gitlab-ci.ymlequivalent).

It would require then to install gitlab ci (brew install gitlab-ci) on the current build machine.

(Mike McQuaid) #5

It runs brew test-bot with the various environment variables set. You can check out the code there. I’m afraid I can’t be much more help because I can’t justify spending time on this until it’s much further along.

We’ll consider that when this project is nearly complete.

(Martin Delille) #6

Ok thanks for these information. I would just need more information about what brew test-bot do. Can you point me a resource?

(Mike McQuaid) #7

Without wanting to be too rude: if you Google for the exact term you’ll find multiple useful hits at the top of the result.

(Martin Delille) #8

Sorry but the thing is that I’m part of my time in a low connectivity area so sending an email is simpler than googling something. Anyway I found what I was looking for:

Concerning the Gitlab organization, someone created it 10 months ago:

Do you think we can claim it?

(Martin Delille) #9

I just tried to ask kindly the owner through its LinkedIn profil.

(Mike McQuaid) #10

I don’t think there’s any need to do that. Again: Homebrew isn’t going to move to GitLab.

(Martin Delille) #11

Let’s change the subject of this topic from “Move” to “Mirror”

(Martin Delille) #12

Ok I decided to let this question on the side for now. I plan to focus on creating my custom tape on Gitlab first (and configure Gitlab CI on it). If it works, I’ll tell you how more about it.