MongoDB SSPL License

(Malware Utkonos) #1

NOTE: I don’t intend this to be a discussion of whether SSPL is open source or not. If you want to discuss that, go add your voice to the discussion at OSI.

The version of MongoDB in homebrew was recently reverted to a version that predates the change to Mongo’s new Server Side Public License. While the approval process for the new license is hashed out by the Open Source Initiative and other places, the status of these new versions of mongodb are basically indeterminate as to whether the code is open source or not. Therefore, reverting to the last known version using an OSI/FSF approved license is the correct choice. For those that want to follow the revision and review process, here is a link to OSI’s blog:

For those that don’t want to visit that link, the pertinent part is: “SSPLv2: discussion will continue on the revised version.”

In the mean time, the latest version should live in a separate tap maintained by mongo on their github. Or barring that, I can host it on my github org until the licensing issue is settled. The question I have for the maintainers and other users is: can a comment be added to the homebrew formula pointing out the location of where a tap for the package is located once the tap is setup?

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(Mike McQuaid) #2

Yes, this seems like a good idea :+1:.

Thanks for the kind, diplomatic words!

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(Malware Utkonos) #3

Excellent, I’ve opened a thread on Mongo’s community forum about this as well, so once I know where it will live, I’ll make a PR with the note added as a comment.

Thanks for the quick response!

For anyone who would like to follow that thread, it can be found here:!topic/mongodb-user/j_9aaDVe_B8


(Matt Lord) #4

Hi All,

I’ve been kicking around a PoC for this using my personal account. I’d love to get your thoughts.

I’m thinking that since we can’t really use the bottles infrastructure with our own tap (AFAIK), that we should use the mongodb forumula as a binary only install and add another package for those that are truly interested in building from source. Any input on that idea and the project in general would be most appreciated.

Of course we hope that the SSPL gets OSI approval at some point, but that’s beyond my control and I’d love to allow MongoDB users to continue using Homebrew for the latest releases until then. If there’s anything else that I can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you for all of the help!



(Mike McQuaid) #5

The issue isn’t with bottles or not bottles but that we aren’t willing to distribute binary or non-open-source software in Homebrew/homebrew-core. For the latest version of MongoDB we’ll need to see it maintained outside of Homebrew/homebrew-core while MongoDB keeps their license.


(Matt Lord) #6

Hi Mike,

Understood. I’m doing a PoC for the custom Tap on my personal GitHub account as we begin planning an official one using the mongodb corporate GitHub account.

Thanks again,


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(Matt Lord) #7

Hi Guys,

We now have our custom tap setup. Please let me know if you would like to see anything changed.

Would you still be open to pointing users of the mongodb formula in core to the mongodb-community formula in our tap for the latest (post 4.0.3) release? If you’d prefer I do that via a PR or anything else just please let me know how I can help.

Thank you again for all of the help! I appreciate it.

Best Regards,


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(Sean Molenaar) #8

maybe a caveat would be in order @MikeMcQuaid any opinions?


(Mike McQuaid) #9

I’d be open to a caveat with a link as long as it makes clear Homebrew does not consider this to be open source software.