MKVtoolnix Not Installing GUI

I believe upon upgrade to v34 of MKVtoolnix my install stopped working.
-bash: mkvtoolnix-gui: command not found

I’ve looked into the Homebrew folder location itself and it is indeed missing. I only have the following:

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, completely removed Homebrew and Xcode tools and started from scratch. Same result.

Any ideas on why this happend and how I an fix?

Which version did you install? The cask or the formula?

Formula - v. 34.0…0

Formula generally shouldn’t install GUI components. I think you might be better off with the cask. If you do want to debug the formula, nothing seems to have changed on the homebrew side so maybe it’s just missing components and you could make a pull request to fix it.

It’s odd. Never had to use the cask before. But, I’ll go with it now. Thanks!

I can confirm cask will create mkvtoolnix-gui as app in Applications. Tested v37