Make zathura default pdf reader, how?

Someone here told me about Platypus (which is really nice). I used it to create a (zathura is a very nice and much beloved pdf reader in the linux comunity).

With the help of that, i’d like to make zathura my default pdf reader. But i’d need some help here, how to create the correctly (i think i missed something like, in the linux world, “%f”, to tell it to open an activated file - but it’s not clear to me how this, for xample, is done in the mac world).

So, if someone could/would help me out, thanks a lot in advance!

You could do it manually by rightclicking a PDF > Get Info (or CMD + i ) and there you can set the app which you desire to open the PDF, for this file only or in general.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 13.11.16

But Zathura does not have the *.app format, it’s only commandline not desktop app … (?). Is there a way to create something like a - fake - shim around? Starting it may be as a kitty subprocess … (?) Or creating a service with the help of the automator …

Wrap it with “Script Editor” and export it as an App. Should do the trick.

I found a better way, i believe, here. But generally, that’s the way …

Just a question in regard, since there are obviously lots of particularties in MacOS: Would that work to put, in a shell command, “*” as a placeholder for a not specified file to open. Or will work “%f” - or something else i’m not aware of?