MacOS Update & shell configs ...?

Background: My Safari is somehow broken (no problem, since i do not use it :wink: ), but now, there is a streaming service which only works with Safari (via a plug-in). So, i’d need it, at least in this specific case. But there is no way to re-install it alone (outside of MacOS update).

Now, my question: A MacOS X update would break the configurations i did to my shell, iow: does it touch somehow $HOME ? (I’m sourcing in any case /etc/profile in my .zprofile …).


I’ve never had any macOS update touch any user files (under $HOME) in the past 7 years.

So that’s fine! Thanks! Just out of curiousity, is there a way to install safari as a “single binary” instead as a part of a system update?

No idea, that seems like a question the Apple support forum can better answer.

Safari is part of the core system, therefore it gets its update by the usual system updates. you can update your system, there won’t be any change to your home directory. Even an upgrade to Catalina (or the latest supported OS for your mac) won’t break your $HOME.

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