macOS Mojave doesn’t install headers in /usr

(Franklin Yu) #1

For many years, when I install the Command Line Tools, headers for several related libraries (like libxml) is installed in /usr/include (with symbolic link to the SDK directory). Homebrew has been providing the *.pc files for pkg-config to find those headers. However, starting from Mojave, those headers will not be installed, so for example 10.14/libxml-2.0.pc is not actually working, because it still points to the old place. Is there a way out? Shall we edit the *.pc files for Mojave?

(FX) #2

Yes, we should update the Homebrew-provided .pc files:

(Franklin Yu) #3

Ok thanks, I thought it’s just me. Two quick questions about your proposal in that issue:

  1. How does “brew would set PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR in the environment” work? Homebrew can set environment variable for other program?
  2. I thought that CLT depends on Xcode, since it is installed with xcode-select? So people with CLT should also have Xcode installed, no?