Mac OS 10.14 problems

(Dan Kegel) #1

Looks like there’s a little problem with Mac OS 10.14 beta:

appears to think executables aren’t, so it removes the executable bit after

==> Cleaning
Fixing /usr/local/Cellar/fakeroot/1.22/bin/faked permissions from 755 to 444

So far this has affected only a small number of packages for me, e.g.
fakeroot, p7zip, xz and doxygen, but seems like it’d be a wider problem.
If it affects you, the obvious chmod +x should get you past the problem.

To reproduce, do e.g. ‘brew install fakeroot’ and then try to run fakeroot.

Probably something wrong with mach_o_executable? in os/mac/mach.rb, but coming up the learning curve there is beyond what I can do this afternoon.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Might be better to report a bug for this in Homebrew/brew

(Steve Peters) #3

That’s where he started, but then came here since we aren’t supposed to file issues for Mojave yet.

(Martins Polakovs) #4

This was recently fixed in master with this pull request:

The actual fix for this issue on macOS 10.14 is in ruby-macho library: