Linking problem

(Ulf A S Holbrook) #1

I’m trying to get Sox running on my laptop ( and hope someone can help sort out a problem.
Sox 14.4.2 on Mac OSX 10.10.5

I have run:
$ brew install sox

which returns:
Warning: sox 14.4.2 is already installed, it’s just not linked.
You can use brew link sox to link this version.

when running:
$ brew link sox

Linking /usr/local/Cellar/sox/14.4.2…
Error: Could not symlink share/man/man7/soxeffect.7
/usr/local/share/man/man7 is not writable.

And I cannot figure out where to next. Does anyone have any tips?

(Benjamin Esham) #2

Try running the command brew doctor. This may be able to tell you exactly where the permission problem lies and what you need to do to fix it.

(Ulf A S Holbrook) #3

Thanks @bdesham. When running brew doctor it returns

Warning: You are using macOS 10.10.
We (and Apple) do not provide support for this old version.
You may encounter build failures or other breakages.
Please create pull-requests instead of filing issues.

So reinstalled brew and all works fine.