Latest upgrade broke mpv

This is the output from mpv:

ffmpeg library versions:
   libavutil       56.22.100 (runtime 56.31.100)
   libavcodec      58.35.100 (runtime 58.54.100)
   libavformat     58.20.100 (runtime 58.29.100)
   libswscale      5.3.100 (runtime 5.5.100)
   libavfilter     7.40.101 (runtime 7.57.100)
   libswresample   3.3.100 (runtime 3.5.100)
ffmpeg version: 4.2.1

mpv was compiled against a different version of FFmpeg/Libav than the shared
library it is linked against. This is most likely a broken build and could
result in misbehavior and crashes.

mpv does not support this configuration and will not run - rebuild mpv instead.

I guess this is a bug. Where can I file a report?

In the meantime I would like to downgrade ffmpeg, hoping that mpv will work again. How can I do that?

Funny thing: when I start mpv from the command line, it doesn’t work and yields above error.

However, when I start mpv from finder, it does work! How is that possible?

I just saw that mpv has been migrated from homebrew/core to homebrew/cask. Maybe that’s why ffmpeg and mpv aren’t compatible anymore.

Is there a news site where such changes are announced?

I’ve uninstalled mpv and installed the cask of mpv and it’s working now.

Two questions remain open: Where might I get such news, so that I don’t have to find out the hard way?

Why did mpv started from finder still work?

Why did mpv started from finder still work?

Are you shure you runing same binary?

Anyway, solution is just rebuild mpv from source brew install -s mpv
But im linux user and i’m need vdpau+gpu+nvdecode support, binary version with old ffmpeg works fine, my recompiling wariant with new ffmpeg support X server output only

Anyway, solution is just rebuild mpv from source brew install -s mpv

That’s not possible since MPV was removed as a formula.

Realy? But I still run brew edit mpv and its open

You just mentioned you used linuxbrew. They clearly haven’t merged that change yet.

Oh i’m sorry. This is two different repositories.

I just see in my desktop path

and see the code, macOS dependensies separate of linux dependns and just thinking is from one universal repository