Keeping CLI tools in sync across several macs

I have a couple of Macs that need to be in sync regarding the installed cli tools / bins. So far I had homebrew running on each machine to keep the tools up to date. To minimize administration I’d like to „clone“ the installed bins from one machine to all other machines. We do have a shared network folder. To get the data up there, there are basically two scenarios:

  1. Setup homebrew on the the admin machine to install (change prefix) all bins directly on the network folder
  2. Setup homebrew with default paths and use rsync to push the bins to the network folder

To make the bins available to the clients, I again see two options:

  1. All data remains on the shared folder, I add the Folder to $PATH on all clients
  2. I run rsync to update /usr/local/ when a user logs in on a client

What is best practice? Are there eventually better ways to implement this?


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I personally use brew bundle for this.