Kdenlive isn't found in any cask yet it can be compiled on macOS

(Mynameherebro) #1

I am needing an updated version of kdenlive 17… The reason is because I have several video projects that have been submitted to me for review and completion. I’m just fine with compiling it my self I just lack the knowledge as to how to do it.
My question is this, is there anyone who can compile it and add it to a cask or is there anyone who can give me concise direction as to compile it myself. I am new to this and would very much appreciate it.

thank you.

(Joshua McKinney) #2

Probably the quickest solution to this (if it’s urgent) would be to spin up a linux virtual machine and run one of the supported packages. If this were a one time need, it’s likely what I’d do myself.

I took a quick look at https://community.kde.org/Kdenlive/Development/KF5. The package has a lot of dependencies. It’s going to be a non-trivial amount of work to get this over the line for homebrew. If you’re unfamiliar with compiling packages, this is going to be hard, but the reward of learning might make it worth your while.

If you want to do the compilation, the link above would be your staring point. You’d want to identify which of the referenced libraries are already in homebrew and which would need to be added. Particularly note the list of dependencies to install if you’re compiling on linux. The names in homebrew for those libraries may be similar, but will often drop version numbers, lib prefixes, and -dev suffixes etc.