John: fopen: /usr/local/share/john/john.conf: No such file or directory. Is it reproducible?

after install john and run it, i got this:

$ john
fopen: /usr/local/share/john/john.conf: No such file or directory

As i checked it, /usr/local/share/john not even exist. Is there anyone help me to test is it reproducible?

My Versions:

macOS 10.14.6

$ brew --version
Homebrew 2.1.16
Homebrew/homebrew-core (git revision 992e8; last commit 2019-11-25)
Homebrew/homebrew-cask (git revision 9182f; last commit 2019-11-25)

BTW, this is how i fix it manually:

cd /usr/local/share
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/john/1.9.0/libexec john
cd john
cp john.ini john.conf

and now it seem works.

Could you report a github issue for this?

OK, I will create a issue now.