Is there something wrong with my PR (#36007, step 0.8.2)

(Max) #1

I submitted a pull request ~1month ago that appears to have passed the simple homebrew checks. The New Formula tag was added just after I submitted the PR, but since then I haven’t seen any status updates and the PR was marked stale by a bot yesterday. I’m wondering if there is a step in the PR process I’ve overlooked or maybe the PR doesn’t meet required criteria. Thanks!

PR: #36007, Smallstep step 0.8.2

(Sean Molenaar) #2

If you’re really only waiting for maintainers to respond you can just tag one and tell the bot to go away. Sometimes PRs get missed.

(Max) #3

Hey, thanks for the response! Wasn’t sure about the decorum. I’ll go ahead and tag a maintainer asking for an update.