Is there any way to always build from source since HOMEBREW_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE is deprecated?

(Nasy) #1

I really like building packages from source, however, globally setting HOMEBREW_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE is deprecated!

Is there any way to always build packages from source now?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

No. This is intentional as building from source is more likely to fail, uses the same compilation flags as were used to build bottles and is a waste of energy.

(Nasy) #3

Thank you very much.

(Mike McQuaid) #4

You’re welcome, thank you too.

(Sam Brightman) #5

I am running Linuxbrew (which I understand is 90% merged with Homebrew now) and using HOMEBREW_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE because I do not have permission to write to /usr/local/. My previous experience was that a lot of bottles failed under this scenario, perhaps even the majority. It also seems likely to be a common scenario, particularly in commercial environments. I think it’s likely to still be the case due to lack of relocatable bottles, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Could this option either be reconsidered for such scenarios?

(Mike McQuaid) #6

The default location is /home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew for Linuxbrew bottles. If bottles fail in your given prefix that is a bug and should be reported.

(Sam Brightman) #7

Yes, I mis-typed the location. I also don’t have permission to write to /home, of course. I think the issue is that some bottles will not get fixed, in particular glibc, and many others need that.

(Mike McQuaid) #8

You should not need to set HOMEBREW_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE; when the bottle cannot be used it will build from source automatically. If it does not do so: that’s a bug and please submit it to Homebrew/brew to be addressed with a reproducible test case.

(Sam Brightman) #9

Ok, clear - I will go back to bottles and see how it goes. Thanks.