Is there a reason math formulas use veclibfort instead of openblas?

I’ve noticed that some of the math libraries in Homebrew still use veclibfort and macOS’ Accelerate (native BLAS/LAPACK) after Formula flags were removed. Was there a particular reason for this choice over openblas? Accelerate implements an old version of LAPACK (3.2.1) that doesn’t appear to include the bug fixes and performance improvements in a current version of LAPACK (3.8.0), which is implemented in OpenBLAS. As a result, I suspect more users would prefer Homebrew packages link to OpenBLAS instead of veclibfort and Accelerate. Would the Homebrew team be receptive to a PR that migrates formulas from using veclibfort to openblas?

@goxberry Yes, in fact we recently switched several formulas to OpenBLAS.

If you could write up a few PRs for this, that’d be amazing!

I agree, it may be time to migrate to openblas.

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Tracking issue for migrating formulae:

PRs always welcome!


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Anyone who finds themselves here in the future: OpenBLAS is now the default LAPACK/BLAS provider for Homebrew