Is tap Linuxbrew/core going to be migrated to Homebrew/core as well?

(Bruce Sun) #1

Homebrew 2.0.0 will add full support for linux, and Linuxbrew users will be migreated to it automatically.

So is tap Linuxbrew/core going to be migrated to Homebrew/core as well? Or we should continue tapping Linuxbrew/core on Linux distros?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

In all seriousness though, @sjackman can probably better answer this. As far as I know it’d ideally be one repo, just not sure if that’s the goal for 2.0.

(Shaun Jackman) #3

Linuxbrew/core is a fork of Homebrew/core. There’s no plans to merge the two repos. Linuxbrew/core supports both Linux and macOS. Homebrew/core is frequently merged into Linuxbrew/core, usually daily.

If a formula builds on both macOS and Linux, you can submit the macOS-only version to Homebrew/core. Once it’s accepted into Homebrew/core, and then merged into Linuxbrew/core, you can submit a PR to add the Linux support to Linuxbrew/core (if the formula needs modification for Linux).

A formula for Linux only can be submitted to Linuxbrew/extra.

You can also create your own tap if you like. Brewsci/bio is a tap maintained by myself for bioinformatics tools that supports both macOS and Linux. It creates binary bottles for both OS using CircleCI.

(Michka Popoff) #4

Maybe one day we could merge it, but I am not sure this will ever happen.

  • The Linux CI is weaker than the mac OS CI for the moment. Some bottle builds need to be done manually and uploaded manually. This will improve soon I hope.
  • Massive rebuild campaigns are a nightmare on mac, so I can not imagine how it would be for both platforms at once. We would need to change our build strategy to synchronise both systems.
  • On Linux, a lot of libraries shadow system libraries (perl, python 2, ruby, …). This is very different from what is done on mac. This implies also a different dependency tree (with some dependency circles that are only present on Linux).

There are probably other details that I have forgotten. But believe me, it would ne bot easy :slight_smile: