Is it possible to maintain a bottle for an old version?

(Christopher Richardson) #1

Is it possible to maintain a bottle for an old version of a package and host the tarball on github? I currently have a formula for vtk@6.2 on my github account, which can be brew install’d from source. But when I bottle it and host the binaries, homebrew does not correctly resolve the URL. It tries to find, instead of the correct URL, which is the same but without the ‘@’ because you cannot have an ‘@’ in a URL like that. Even if I upload the tarball with the ‘@’, github changes it to a ‘.’ and brew fails to find it (see here).

Is there any way around this problem? The application I’m supporting does not work with new versions of VTK because the API has completely changed. I got around this by maintaining my own formula for version 6.2, but building it from source is very slow and being able to install from a bottle would be great.

(Steve Peters) #2

I have a bottle hosted with @ in the filename, but it is escaped with %40:

Can you try uploading a renamed file to match what brew is expecting?

(Christopher Richardson) #3

Looks like that doesn’t work either, github changes the ‘%’ to a ‘.’

(Steve Peters) #4

It looks like an issue with uploading the bottles with @ in the filename to a github release. I would contact github support about this. As a workaround, you could host the file somewhere else that allows @ in filenames.