Is DOSBox broken?

I’ve installed DOSBox version 0.74-2 with brew install dosbox. When I run it, there is just a gray window. Shouldn’t there be a DOS prompt?

Can anybody confirm this?

Found there is a cask and installed that with brew cask install dosbox. That seems to be working, there is a DOS prompt. However, I can’t run it from a terminal by simply typing dosbox. I guess I could put a script in /usr/local/bin; what would that look like?

Should I file a bug report on github for the non-cask dosbox? I would appreciate somebody confirming my findings first…

If the formula isn’t working you should file a bug report or even better, a fix.

Where would I file a bug report?

Have you been to the DOSBox website?

From there you can look through the forum, setup an account, and contact developer(s). This project may have a bug reporting/tracking system or it just relies on direct contact and forum posts.

I have used the current version of DOSBox 0.74-3 sparingly. But, I can tell you that it opens for me from Terminal in Bash on macOS 10.14.6 when running Warcraft: O&H. So, maybe you have an older version or some sort of other inconsistency in your system. In 10.14.x, you may need to allow Terminal “Full Disk Access” in ‘System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy’. I’ve noticed some issues with certain tools when opened from Terminal that require specific access to particular directories which this had resolved the problem of executing them.

I tried the the non-cask dosbox again and now it seems to work. Even without Full Disk Access for Terminal. Dosbox is version 0.74-3 now.

However, I can’t run it from a terminal by simply typing dosbox .

You can’t, because DOSBox is a cask, i.e. OSX app, not a binary.

I’ve not used the Cask version and don’t know what differences there are. However, OP was installing/using the dosbox formula in the Homebrew-Core Tap. After install, then you can just type dosbox and this will startup the emulator in a separate window. The Homebrew-Core formula is a binary executable. Perhaps, this isn’t available in the cask version if there’s a difference.

I guess dosbox in your case is just an alias to open /Applications/