Is anybody already working on postfix/dovecot support now that Apple is dropping it?


Apple still has not provided us with instructions to move from its own supported postfix/dovecot install to the standard version. But at some time we will need good support for postfix and dovecot. I’m planning of making that move (as soon as Apple has provided us with information on how to migrate, because integration with Open Directory and some other things have been part of Apple-specific patches to postfix and we do not have these yet afaik). Does anyone know if the Apple-specific things in postfix are open sourced anywhere by Apple?

(Mike McQuaid) #2


That download seems to be the standard postfix without the Apple modifications. Apple’s version, for instance has the following in

# (APPLE) Credentials for using URLAUTH with IMAP servers.
imap_submit_cred_file = /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/submit.cred

# (APPLE) The SACL cache caches the results of Mail Service ACL lookups.
# Tune these to make the cache more responsive to changes in the SACL.
# The cache is only in memory, so bouncing the sacl-cache service clears it.
use_sacl_cache = yes
# sacl_cache_positive_expire_time = 7d
# sacl_cache_negative_expire_time = 1d
# sacl_cache_disabled_expire_time = 1m

# (APPLE) Reject messages having any MIME body part (attachment, etc.)
# larger than this number of bytes.  0, the default, means no limit.
# mime_max_body_size = 0

These settings are not standard postfix and they relate to the authentication between postfix and dovecot etc. So Apple may post the open source code, but not the one they are using themselves. Getting these fixes would help enormously when migrating from Apple-maintained postfix/dovecot to community-maintained.