Installing p7zip - command not available

(Marek Stepanek) #1

Hello all!

I installed p7zip but the command is not available and also the man page. I made

brew link p7zip
brew unlink p7zip && brew link p7zip

to no avail. p7zip is linked into /usr/local/opt/p7zip -> …/Cellar/p7zip/16.02

But /usr/local/opt is not in my path (Is this right?).

Brew doctor is giving nothing. Brew config gives following:

> brew config
> HEAD: 751334a257d81851e68da7ab390982d4e9fdf909
> Last commit: 5 days ago
> Core tap ORIGIN:
> Core tap HEAD: 6cd1c3c2dffd5b58dc4d960b664747cdd1aa9ed5
> Core tap last commit: 14 hours ago
> HOMEBREW_PREFIX: /usr/local
> HOMEBREW_REPOSITORY: /usr/local/Homebrew
> HOMEBREW_CELLAR: /usr/local/Cellar
> CPU: octa-core 64-bit sandybridge
> Homebrew Ruby: 2.0.0-p648
> Clang: 8.1 build 802
> Git: 2.14.1 => /usr/local/bin/git
> Perl: /Users/mstep/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.26.0/bin/perl
> Python: /usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin/python => /usr/local/Cellar/python/2.7.13_1/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/python2.7
> Ruby: /usr/local/bin/ruby => /usr/local/Cellar/ruby/2.4.1_2/bin/ruby
> Java: 1.6.0_65-b14-468
> macOS: 10.12.6-x86_64
> Xcode: 8.3.3
> CLT:
> X11: 2.7.112 => /opt/X11

I would be very grateful for any help.


(Marek Stepanek) #2

To Reply the Solution to myself:


has not to be part of your path for a functional Homebrew

  1. I don’t know, why the developers of this unstuffing software are making it so complicated: after installing p7zip don’t look for

man p7zip [WRONG!]

but for

man 7z

Or look in the internet for

The command which you certainly need to unstuff is

7z -e file.7z

As an aside: No need to install this software, if you have already Unarchiver installed with Homebrew. A simple double click on the file.7z is sufficient to unstuff it.

Hope this helps somebody to unstuff the huge password file of