Installing Homebrew on macOS in the future


One great thing about Homebrew is that it is very easy to install on macOS by just copy-pasting a command right at the top of Homebrew’s home page. However, this will run into a problem in the future on macOS. As we can read here, Apple has deprecated all scripting languages, and in some future release, it won’t come preinstalled with, among others, Ruby. That means users will first have to manually install Ruby somehow (obviously not via Homebrew) before running the installation command, which is not ideal if we want to make it as friction-less as possible.

I am no Homebrew dev, just a simple user, so I do not know what would be the best solution, hence why I bring this issue here to open the discussion. Hopefully there is something simple to do.

Fear not! macOS will always ship with some sort of shell, e.g. bash or zsh. Homebrew currently maintains a relocatable, compatibility ruby which we call “portable-ruby”. See

This is on our radar, and if anything, not having to support system Ruby (eventually) should be liberating, since we’ll be able to pick and package a newer version. Thinking has already started on how we are going to migrate the installation process to be pure bash, or at least be bootstrapped by bash to fetch the portable ruby.

See also the discussion here: Mac OS Deprecating system scripting languages

It seems like I did not do my search homework well enough :sweat_smile:.

Great! This is reassuring.

Someone should write up a post and pin it here about Catalina migration concerns.

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