Installing Homebrew on 10.8 under some interesting circumstances

(Sabinno) #1

I have a 2012 MacBook Pro retina with a broken dGPU, which means the window server may or may not run depending on how it feels that day. As such, I now use it as a headless server machine with SSH access. If I upgrade beyond 10.8 Mountain Lion, the system will not be usable in the least because the system occasionally likes to randomly attempt to use the dGPU, resulting in complete system crashes. Once again, let’s assume there’s no access to any GUI whatsoever here. All this is to say that I cannot help my hardware/software situation, so don’t bother asking. Xcode and CLI tools (for 10.8, so 4 years old) have been successfully installed on this system.

Whenever attempting to install brew using the one-liner, it fails the initial git fetch because it isn’t compatible with newer SSL protocols. I have a feeling that even if I made it past that, there would be fatal errors galore. Is there a realistic way to install brew on this OS or am I SOL?

Unable to install homebrew
(Mike McQuaid) #3

The script explains what it will do and then pauses before it does it. There are more installation options here (required for OS X Lion 10.7 and below).

From the homepage.

(Eduard Rozenberg) #4

Update - I think MikeMcQuaid’s answer above is better, if it works for you.

Found this reference to manually installing a newer openssl on Mac. You could set this up temporarily, get your homebrew set up, then use homebrew itself to install the newest openssl. And finally remove the path references to the custom compiled openssl. Standard disclaimer about doing this at your own risk - I haven’t done these steps myself.

(Adrian Bool) #5

Sorry, off topic for brew, but for your dGPU issue: Have you tried gfxCardStatus ( which can be used to force your Mac to use just the integrated GPU…?