Installing Automator .workflows

(Jed Hassell) #1

I have several formulas installing gems and .plist for brew services. I would like to add a formula to install an Automator .workflow in the /Library/Services or ~/Library/Services so the action will be available in Finder. Is this possible using a formula?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

It’s not possible to install files outside HOMEBREW_CELLAR.

(Bryce Glover) #3

     This could be useful for the LLVM formula’s --with-toolchain option. Currently, having brew build this toolchain succeeds, but then said toolchain never becomes symbolically linked into /Library/Developer/Toolchains/. Perhaps this could be done in a post_install step…? (I should submit an issue for this, shouldn’t I…?) One could symlink it in manually, but then Homebrew might munge this after every upgrade (IIRC, LLVM’s internal install directory structure repeats the version number one would get around by using /usr/local/opt in somewhere along the path to its optional .xctoolchain file…)

(Bryce Glover) #4

     You know, I wonder if allowing Formulas to vendor Casks would resolve the points discussed here…? A mechanism for doing that would also finally enable the complete post-deprecation removal of brew linkapps and brew unlinkapps if that hasn’t been done already with respect to the relevant compat shims.

(Bryce Glover) #5

     Such a mechanism could optionally also be used to allow some packages’ build/installation scripts that were changed from being formulas to being casks simply because their associated packages bundle one or more GUI applications to be changed back into formulas if somebody wanted to do that.