Installed formulae depend on openssl diverging from spec dependency on openssl@1.1

$ brew uses --installed openssl

brew deps <formula> output includes openssl@1.1 for each of the above 4 formulae.

brew deps --installed <formula> output includes openssl instead of openssl@1.1 for each of the above 4 formulae.

How can I make the above 4 formulae use openssl@1.1 on my macOS 10.15.1 machine?

Should I just uninstall openssl & all 4 formulae, then reinstall the 4 formulae?

As of Tuesday, there are no longer any formulae depending on OpenSSL 1.0.

However I’m aware that the dependency tracking within Homebrew doesn’t seem to have recognised that for certain formulae. I saw the exact same issue myself today with cairo and wget.

You can do brew reinstall cairo etc. and you should see them disappear from that list. I’ll try find out what causes the issue.

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