Installation of Python 3.6.7?

(Stéphane Wirtel) #1

When I try to install python 3.6, it’s just impossible because the formula for python3 is for python 3.7.1.

How can I install 3.6?

There is an other solution, use pyenv, but pyenv use libffi for the compilation of python 3.6.

Thank you

(Sean Molenaar) #2

The only solution is pyenv. Homebrew doesn’t support specific 3.x versions for python, only the latest one (being 3.7.1)

(Stéphane Wirtel) #3

ok, in this case, I need to override LDFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and PKG_CONFIG for the future installations because I would like to play with several versions of Python, (use tox for the unittests of my projects).