Install from local svn repo (netpbm)

(James T White) #1

I’m currently behind a firewall which does not allow connections to sourceforge. This has become a problem with the installation of netbpm which is hosted as an svn repo at sourceforge. I was able to checkout that repo using my home network. I then copied it over to $(brew --cache) on our linux servers hoping that brew install netpbm would find it there; however, brew install netpbm deletes the repo netpbm–svn and proceeds to attempt connection to sourceforge to checkout the repo which, of course, fails. How can I install netpbm from the local repo? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Shaun Jackman) #2

I’m building a bottle for netpbm over at PR If that’s successful, brew fetch netpbm will download that bottle rather than clone the SVN repo. You can then copy that bottle to the other machine and brew install ./netpbm.*.bottle.tar.gz

(Shaun Jackman) #3

The PR succeeded. You can test it now with…

brew install

(Michka Popoff) #4

I uploaded the bottle:

(Shaun Jackman) #5

Thanks, Michka!

@jwhite007 After brew update a brew fetch netpbm should now fetch its bottle.

(James T White) #6

Thanks, Michka and Shaun.

@sjackman, I installed the bottle using your original method pointing directly to the url.