Install All Formula


I often need to stress test computers, and specifically hard drives. I was just sitting around when it occurred to me, one handy wya to do that might be to install ALL available software via brew. Many thousands of tiny files, just what the Doctor ordered, when the doctor wants you to suffer :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like brew install all is a command. Is there some easy way to do it? Maybe some bash trick where you brew install { brew search } to do sort of a nested, subquery type of command?

(Jonathan Chang) #2

Probably something like find $(brew --repo homebrew/core)/Formula -type f then pipe that into xargs brew install --build-from-source. You would probably want to do a brew fetch first as well to ensure network errors don’t cause problems. If you are doing this a lot, I would recommend setting up a local mirror and pointing Homebrew to it by setting the environment variable HOMEBREW_ARTIFACT_DOMAIN, or pre-loading the cache located at echo $(brew --cache) or by setting HOMEBREW_CACHE. See man brew for more on the environment variables.