Image viewer recommendation

There must be a decent Image Viewer for MacOS out there, but I can’t find one.

I’ve been a big fan of pqiv, but unfortunately it doesn’t work properly anymore and the upstream project seems inactive.

Now I’m looking for a replacement. I don’t care for any kind of Image manipulation, I just want to look at the images. It should be able to present images scaled to fullscreen and cycle through a collection. Slideshow and the ability to rotate, select and delete images with just one press of a button would be a plus.

Oh, and I don’t want to have to import my images. That’s why MacOS’s Photos app isn’t an option. I just want to point it to a directory and start browsing.

Maybe this?

Spect - Fast image browser and organizer for macOS

There’s a free demo available.

How is this question Homebrew related?

I agree that this isn’t really Homebrew related, but I have been searching for this for a long time too until I recently found qView. The latest stable release (2.0) is still a bit rough on macOS, so I’m building the git master branch myself. Once they release 3.0 I’ll see if we can get it in Brew cask.

brew install qt
brew link --force qt
git clone
cd qView
qmake && make
# is in bin/

If it builds from source it should just be a formula.