I want to install a ruby cli utility via brew bundle

(Brian Gupta) #1

The cli is this. https://github.com/antifuchs/gmail-britta

I’m trying to manage all my software using a Brewfile, but the method to install this ruby cli isn’t obvious.

What’s the best pattern here to install this cli in the most automated fashion. IE: If I get a new laptop I’d like the steps to largely be to run strap and then “brew bundle”.

Update: The code I linked to is actually a library, so I’m thinking the pattern here would be to write custom code and just use a Gemfile. However, I’m still curious what would be the proper approach if it was a standalone CLI.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

if it’s a gem I’d go with installing brew-gem and installing it using that. I’m just not sure how the support is for gems in Brewfiles.