How to report an emergent miniconda bug

(Justin Kroes) #1

I have never submitted an issue to Home-brew. I have used it for years, but was intimidated by the GitHub bug report. I believe I found a bug in the miniconda recipe. I recently reinstalled miniconda. To integrate it with the fish shell, I included the following in my

source (brew --prefix)/miniconda3/etc/fish/conf.d/

This adds /usr/local/miniconda3/condabin to my path.

But most binaries, including anaconda-client if I install it via a brewed conda, are installed to /usr/local/miniconda3/bin. Thus, they aren’t callable without extending home-brew’s configuration file for fish.

Do the homebrew configuration scripts for fish need to be updated, or have I done something wrong?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

None of these things are specific to homebrew. The fish file is provided by the installed software, not homebrew so any bugs in the fish script will have to be reported there.