How to make formula depend on cask

(Kasper Peeters) #1

I am trying to make a formula for my cadabra computer algebra software ( It requires mactex to be installed in order to be functional. How can I specify this dependence in the formula? I tried

depends_on cask: "mactex"


depends_on :mactex


depends_on "homebrew/cask/mactex"

but neither of these work. Any suggestions? Is this possible at all? Thanks!

(Sean Molenaar) #2

There’s no guarantee the user has casks enabled so the best way is to suggest it in the caveats.

(Jonathan Chang) #3

You could also create a custom Requirement, but I don’t think we permit those in Homebrew/core. You would have to maintain your own tap instead. See this link for an example of a custom Requirement.