How to link homebrew formula to Application icon?

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I wrote a formula that has been uploaded in homebrew/science: siril.rb.
For a better user experience I would like to link the main icon to /Applications folder (I don’t know exactly how it works because I do not have a mac).
Indeed, For now if user check “keep on the dock” option when siril is running, the icon will disappear and being replaced by a “white sheet” icon when siril is stopped. It is not very userfriendly.
Does someone knows how I have to do ? Again it is difficult for me doing tests as I do not have OS X.

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For the optimum macOS experience for a .app I recommend you (or a volunteer) builds a .app which can be distributed through Homebrew Cask. Homebrew has brew linkapps which is a bit of a hack to help link applications but it does not work well.

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Thanks for you answer.

Yes if a volunteer could do it it would be wonderful.
I think I have a sort of .app with the binary obtained with the hombrew install of siril
But I have one question.
Siril uses openmp in its code. The problem is that clang does not compile with openmp by default. So we have to install siril with
brew install siril --with-openmp
So I could imagine that the .app could be different if siril was compiled with openmp or without.

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OK, I even can say I have an .app file.
In I’ve created a symlink to /usr/local/Cellar/siril/0.9.5/bin/siril and apparently, my tester says it’s ok.

So now, is it possible to imagine a formula that downloads this .app after installation and copy it to /Applications ?

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The app may be different, yes. You may find a volunteer on homebrew/science but probably not here. You’re best to solicit your current users. Worth mentioning, though, that Homebrew does not build apps that are suitable for distribution and Homebrew will itself not put things in /Applications.

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Thank you @MikeMcQuaid for your answers.
That’s pretty clear ;).