How to install deleted formula

(Offroadbis) #1

I absolutely need php@5.6 for mohave. Mapserver requires php@5.6 for php-mapscript. I need php-mapscript. Mapserver is supposed to eventually use php7. Until then, I have to use php@5.6. How do I install php@5.6 it has been deleted as a formulae. I have no choice but to use it until mapserver is released to work with php7.



(Sean Molenaar) #2

There’s no option to install something that doesn’t exist in homebrew. You’ll have to find another way to install it. might have some options

(Offroadbis) #3

Thank you. I will tap the eXolnet/homebrew-deprecated repository until the other software that I need finally supports the newer version of PHP. And thank you to eXolnet for providing the repository.

(Tres Finocchiaro) #4

Why can’t the OP use:

brew install

Even with the missing precompiled package, homebrew will attempt to build from source and setup everything as if it was precompiled. I use this technique for compatibility with certain older systems. The biggest risk is it will not include any Mojave-specific patches that have been made to the more recent formula. Also any brew-specific shims for newer PHP versions (modules) may fail.

(Sean Molenaar) #5

Mostly because that might give people the faulty idea things are still supported. If someone else made a tap to do something homebrew doesn’t want to do, that’s a solution. Using homebrews git history against them is just a band-aid :grin: