How to increase downloading speed when using brew in China

(Charlie Hu) #1

Hi everyone,

Can we do any command to increase the downloading speed of brew? I’m currently in China, it usually takes me a while to download a small package(btw, my download speed is fast when download packages directly from their website), any solution will be very appreciate.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

their website? There’s no packages on

(Charlie Hu) #3

what I mean is that when download python from, the downloading speed is way more faster than using brew install python on the terminal

(Michka Popoff) #4

Download speed depends on:

  • Your network speed
  • The speed of for the code stored in git
  • The speed of for the bottles (binaries)
  • The speed of third-party websites providing source code when building from source

We do not have any influence on any of these parameters.