How to get info on formula in a tap?

(John) #1

If I do brew info formula and the formula is in another tap, I get told that, but no further info. If it’s in cask, I can do brew cask info formula, but what if it’s in another tap? How do I get the usual info?

(Ed Flanagan) #2

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If your tap contains a formula that is also present in homebrew/core, that’s fine, but it means that you must install it explicitly by default.

I’m guessing the formula you’re trying to get info from also exists in homebrew/core (under the same formula name).

Say your “other” tap is An example may be:
brew info Jmuccigr/personal/vim

(John) #3


For the record (and my future lack of memory): brew tap lists the taps I’m using. Then brew info homebrew/boneyard/formula gets the info on the formula in the boneyard (for example).