How to fix breakage of formulas depending_on :python3?

(Alex Băluț) #1

I’m developing a formula for a python3 app which depends on homebrew/python/matplotlib. The app used to work fine but since it’s now run by python3.6, it cannot find the matplotlib and numpy python modules, because they are installed in a folder for python3.5…

First thing that comes to mind would be to revision bump all the formulas that have an optional, recommended or mandatory dependency on :python3. What do you think?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Recommended, mandatory yes, optional no. We’re open to approached to e.g. detect errors here and trigger rebuilds.

(Alex Băluț) #3

Would it not fix the problem if all dependent formulas (including optional) are revision-bumped?

(Mike McQuaid) #4

It would. It would also introduce unnecessary re-pours or rebuilds for everyone using those formulae which is why we don’t do so.