How to create "meta package"?

What would be the best way to create a “meta package” in Homebrew?

By “meta package,” I am referring to an empty package that depends on a set of other packages, so as to allow users to quickly install them at once (see

For example, if I have the following packages:


I would like to create a “meta package” named myprog that depends on/installs all of the above at once.

Homebrew doesn’t have metapackages. But there is no reason you couldn’t leave all blocks empty and just depend on some formulae AFAIK. If you’re doing this to setup a system in an easier way, might be a better option.

Have a look at the xorg formula:

It’s not following the new standards but shows how you could do it. But it is not something we encourage, and we might drop that formula later on.

What xorg formula does, although somewhat hacky, achieve what I want.

Thanks for the answers.