How to build php72 with tidy support?

(Vitaly Belenky) #1

I’ve compiled xdebug support with help of this discussion

I’ve tried run

$ brew reinstall php72 --with-tidy
==> Reinstalling php 
Warning: php: this formula has no --with-tidy option so it will be ignored!

There is no options --with-tidy in formula

Please help! =)

(Sean Molenaar) #2

You can install tidy the exact same way you installed xdebug.


unlike xdebug, pecl only has a php 5 version for tidy. installing it won’t work.

(Sean Molenaar) #4

Seems I was wrong on that one since tidy is part of php. You can use this tap though


thanks for that. It’s working, tidy is installed.

(Vitaly Belenky) #6

thank you =)

it’ll be nice to have that stuff for 7.2 for xdebug and tidy extenctions.