How to brew remotely

I am happily using my 2007 MBP Santa Rosa still today, running OSX 10.11, and even though brew complains about this, it does what it should do: build software.

The problem here is that very basic dependencies like cmake, openssl or imagemagick take ages to build on this old machine. So I was wondering whether there is some way to have brew do the compiling of my very own package stack somewhere out there, possibly using my Github account and some cloud-based CI infrastructure, and just download the binaries.

I know it’s called homebrew, but maybe there is some remotebrew alternative. This might also be interesting for e.g. pool admins.

You may be able to make your own tap with some of these formulae or fork of homebrew-core and build your own bottles and upload them somewhere.

Another thing that is possible (but not recommended for several reasons, including a lack of recent security patches) is to checkout an old revision of homebrew-core, set HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1, and install old versions of the software, which may still have their 10.11 bottles hosted on bintray.

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