How do you install mpv with shortcut in /Applications?

I’m trying to install MPV with a shortcut in /Applications on MacOS.

MacOS is version 10.14.6 (18G84).

Homebrew is updateed to latest:

victorhooi@victorhooi-macbookpro8 ~> brew --version
Homebrew 2.1.8
Homebrew/homebrew-core (git revision 03c4; last commit 2019-07-27)
Homebrew/homebrew-cask (git revision 2dd28; last commit 2019-07-27)

Previously, I used the --with-bundle option - however, now it no longer seems to be recognised:

victorhooi@victorhooi-macbookpro8 ~/L/A/G/Chrome Canary> brew install mpv --with-bundle
Usage: brew install [options] formula

Install formula.

formula is usually the name of the formula to install, but it can be specified
in several different ways.

Unless HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_CLEANUP is set, brew cleanup will be run for the
installed formulae or, every 30 days, for all formulae.

    -d, --debug                      If brewing fails, open an interactive
                                     debugging session with access to IRB or a
                                     shell inside the temporary build directory
        --env                        If std is passed, use the standard build
                                     environment instead of superenv.If super
                                     is passed, use superenv even if the formula
                                     specifies the standard build environment.
        --ignore-dependencies        An unsupported Homebrew development flag to
                                     skip installing any dependencies of any
                                     kind. If the dependencies are not already
                                     present, the formula will have issues. If
                                     you're not developing Homebrew, consider
                                     adjusting your PATH rather than using this
        --only-dependencies          Install the dependencies with specified
                                     options but do not install the specified
        --cc                         Attempt to compile using provided
                                     compiler. compiler should be the name
                                     of the compiler's executable, for instance
                                     gcc-7 for GCC 7. In order to use LLVM's
                                     clang, use llvm_clang. To specify the
                                     Apple-provided clang, use clang. This
                                     parameter will only accept compilers that
                                     are provided by Homebrew or bundled with
                                     macOS. Please do not file issues if you
                                     encounter errors while using this flag.
    -s, --build-from-source          Compile the specified formula from source
                                     even if a bottle is provided. Dependencies
                                     will still be installed from bottles if
                                     they are available.
        --force-bottle               Install from a bottle if it exists for the
                                     current or newest version of macOS, even if
                                     it would not normally be used for
        --include-test               Install testing dependencies required to
                                     run brew test.
        --devel                      If formula defines it, install the
                                     development version.
        --HEAD                       If formula defines it, install the HEAD
                                     version, aka. master, trunk, unstable.
        --fetch-HEAD                 Fetch the upstream repository to detect if
                                     the HEAD installation of the formula is
                                     outdated. Otherwise, the repository's HEAD
                                     will be checked for updates when a new
                                     stable or development version has been
        --keep-tmp                   Don't delete the temporary files created
                                     during installation.
        --build-bottle               Prepare the formula for eventual bottling
                                     during installation.
        --bottle-arch                Optimise bottles for the given architecture
                                     rather than the oldest architecture
                                     supported by the version of macOS the
                                     bottles are built on.
    -f, --force                      Install without checking for previously
                                     installed keg-only or non-migrated
    -v, --verbose                    Print the verification and postinstall
        --display-times              Print install times for each formula at the
                                     end of the run.
    -i, --interactive                Download and patch formula, then open a
                                     shell. This allows the user to run
                                     ./configure --help and otherwise
                                     determine how to turn the software package
                                     into a Homebrew package.
    -g, --git                        Create a Git repository, useful for
                                     creating patches to the software.
    -h, --help                       Show this message.
Error: invalid option: --with-bundle

Is this expected behaviour? Or is there another way to get the homebrew MPV to have a shortcut in /Applications?

You can install the cask instead. Formulae in Homebrew-core will generally not create application bundles.