How do you Downgrade Homebrew

(Ryan Mitchell Wilson) #1

I was just using Homebrew 1.1.9 and it had many packages, especially the android-sdk package, then I went to up Homebrew 1.2.3 and now I can’t find the android packages. How do I downgrade my Homebrew back to 1.1.9 so that I can install the packages that I need?

(Joshua McKinney) #2

There should be no need:

$ brew search android-sdk

If you meant "android-sdk" specifically:
It was migrated from homebrew/core to caskroom/cask.
You can access it again by running:
  brew tap caskroom/cask

Packages get migrated from brew to cask when it’s deemed that a binary release is the canonical release rather than a built from source release. If you really do need a previous version of the formula installed, it’s possible to create a versioned formula to track the previous version. I’m not sure that this is supported by homebrew cask though, so this might be a more difficult question than you’re asking.