How do I install FontForge with the python extension enabled?

(Steve Boswell) #1

I used to be able to “brew install fontforge --with-python” but now options are no longer supported that obviously won’t work.

I recently did a brew upgrade and now I get the “ImportError: No module named fontforge” from python when I try to use it.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

What python version? Because it ships python 2 libs only currently.

(Steve Boswell) #3

Yes, I’m currently using Python 2.7 for this. Fontforge implements Python internally but also optionally extends Python if you compile it with “./configure --enable-pyextension”. I used to have it working, now it doesn’t. This could be Mojave, or Homebrew, something broke it and I can’t remember what I did to get it working when I last needed it but I recall having to pass options to Homebrew.

Thats the repo for the fonts I’ve created. There are some updates to Unicode coming and I need to make some changes for that.