How do I contact a package maintainer, opendkim


I’m desperately trying to build opendkim. The existing build does build the libraries and the tools, but it doesn’t build the milter which needs ‘libmilter’ and the switch —with-milter fails. It’s this switch that builds the opendkim binary. Which postfix uses to check incoming mail etc.

I can’t build from sources, and I can’t build from brew…
I want to ask the brew package maintainer if he or she can include these dependencies please?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Homebrew maintainers don’t write most of the formulas. The public does. If you want something changed in homebrew all you have to do is make a pull request. more on this process here:

(Fangming Ning) #3

I’m actually looking forward to the same thing.

Have you made any progress on this?


H, no progress yet. Very frustrating.


Actually, I don’t want to download the sources and make the whole thing myself - I just want to ask the current maintainer of the package if they can add features to their builds.
The package clamav also needs an up date because it has an incorrect exit code, Long fixed but not yet in the the brew formula.,

(Sean Molenaar) #6

Homebrew runs on community participation, someone needs to make the required changes and put in the work and if it’s not the people requesting the change there clearly isn’t much of a need for it.