How can I tell what formula I have installed with options before upgrading to 2.0?

(Jake Goulding) #1

Options were removed — I don’t want to discuss the pros or cons of such a decision (like everyone, I have opinions on it).

I want to know how to tell which packages I have currently installed that will be broken if I attempt to upgrade, without actually upgrading and breaking my working system. That way, I can begin the search for alternate taps for these packages to ensure a smooth upgrade.

By the way, is there any list or wiki page of “here are taps that someone made” so that I can find these alternates easier?

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Good question. This will output the options used for all installed formulae:

brew install jq
for i in /usr/local/opt/*; do printf "$(basename $i): "; cat $i/INSTALL_RECEIPT.json | jq .used_options; done provides some. We’ll accept PRs to add more.